Seven Songs of Isolation
Lyrics: Sarah Baxter / Music: Luc Goedert (2020)

1. Reflection

You watch the fish swim through pools
of rippled eyes.
Tired eyes made of glass,
the beautiful disguise. Reflections of an image, a faded faceless role,
Painted quickly on a screen to watch outside your soul.
A vase of questions sitting somewhere in a chair.
You left them in a hurry that lingers in the air.

2. Winter

From glowing windows far away, the squinter looks at me.
A knowing we don’t want to see. The truth that no one believes.
The secrets marked with yellow tape are peeling from the wall.
The shadow when the lamplight’s glow is hardly known at all.
You asked me with a quiet voice, to tell your wild lies,
but melting ice reveals the truth that cannot be disguised.

3. Neroli

Newcomers reach for the truth, as the dark trees grow,
as the dark trees grow in silence.
They pick the ripened fruit.
The sour juice drips down my arm.
I wipe my eyes and look outside.
As the summer rain continues.

4.  Whatever flowers

In many vivid dreams whatever flowers
in the garden at night has a mind of its own.
I pick the golden fruit
from ancient twisted vines, up in the darkened tree
of pain and desire.
In many vivid dreams whatever flowers.

5. Daylight

In the cold hours of foggy sky,
I stare, I stare, I stare into yesterday. Now that I can see outside,
the lucid light begins to shine,
I reach for you and the impossible with the sun in my eyes.
In the cold hours of foggy sky,
I stare, I stare, I stare into yesterday.

6. Sunday morning

A – Play me the sounds of your golden eyes,
so I can escape to another place.
A – A – A – Paint me the sun on these frigid walls,
so I can escape from the ordinary.
A – A – A – A – Play me the sounds.

7. A Stranger again

I lie on my back on the cold sheets and watch the horizon,
as a tiny figure slowly emerges from the lost lakes of my dreams.
I reach down to touch his golden cheeks, before they melt away,
back into the unlit caverns of a past life.
I try to listen as this visitor speaks so sweetly,
so sweetly to the blinking stars that watch from above.
But his luminous voice enveloped by a vail of sleep,
sharply plummets back
into the dark waters of another eon.